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  • Caribou Valley Road

    They recently rebuilt the decks on the bridges on the CVR. A few culverts still need some love but in general the road is in good shape. There was also lots of survey paint all the way out to the pond. Rumor has it Maine Huts and Trails may eventually put a hut up there. Access to Redington could return to an easy drive as it was years ago. Or not. You know rumors....

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    Was on this road the past week. 8-10 and 8-11-17. Found the road in good shape for the most part. A short section of ruts where people drove when too soft but not a problem for our ordinary vehicle. Stopped at a gate before a metal grate bridge.

    There were three holes at small drainages. One marked with a branch and survey tape and two others. Keep on guard and on the lookout. From my glances it seems the many of the drainages are old and made of wood. That right?

    Almost at the summit of Redington there was survey tape with writing on it that some kind of survey was in progress and please don't touch. Saw similar tape (one short side and one long side but with no writing) on the way back.



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      Looking forward to this! I have always wanted Reddington, and the condition of the road vs. my little VW was always the excuse I used.


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        Originally posted by All Downhill From Here View Post
        Looking forward to this! I have always wanted Reddington, and the condition of the road vs. my little VW was always the excuse I used.
        We hadn't done much research other than printing maps. Getting to Redington was much easier than expected as there was a path from S.Crocker. My partner had a print of an older TOPO that suggested the AT routed over S.Crocker different that it is now and going that way. This was confirmed when we found a silver AT marker on said herd path.

        Also, Waynald notes in a post last year that there is a canister. I wish I'd read it before we went. Anyway we didn't see one and didn't know to look for it. We did find a summit sign which had the name and elevation engraved into a strip of tongue and grove wood flooring fixed to a tree. Maybe Waynald will see this and comment.

        We enjoyed the walk out on the old roads. Lots of blue berries.


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          There is a canister. If you were on the summit you were within forty feet if it. In my book you summited Redington. The AT marker you saw is most likely indicating the boundary swath. The AT has a parallel swath on each side which protects it from encroachment by logging interests. It is blazed by yellow markers and is maybe? 750ft on each side of the AT. There are multiple old logging roads in the valley. Some are great routes through the valley. Some lead to bad trail reports!