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    I am planning on taking my sons (15 and 12) to Vermont for some winter hiking and skiing. I wanted to poll the forum as to the relative difficulty of these two compared to an Adirondack peak such as Wright (which we hiked last month). I have read some trip reports on this site and others but I do not want to encounter any surprises! It would seem the distance and elevation are similar but I do not want to encounter something which might be beyond our capabilities (steep, icy pitches,cliffs,etc.). Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    These two mts. are not particularly hard, comparable to Wright. Camels Hump has the cliff on the south side (Long Trail) which looks really nasty, but the trail skirts around it and is quite doable. There is an area between Montclair Glen Lodge and the cliff which has a few ledges. It's one of only two times I've used an ice axe and it was just to chop a couple of steps to get over the ledge.

    As for Mansfield, the Long Trail from Butler Lodge to the Forehead is steep, rocky and has several ladders to deal with. There is the Forehead Bypass and I suggest you use that. The open ridge on Mansfield is quite long and you will get the full blast of any weather that day.

    If you are planning to descend the Chin (summit), be careful, it is a precipitous drop. There is the Profanity Trail which will take you from the summit to Taft Lodge where you can hook into the Long Trail again.

    Trailhead parking becomes an issue on these two mts. Trailheads may not be plowed.


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      Camels Hump is an easy no brainer. Think Phelps or easier. Mount Mansfield has a different personality. The winds seem to drift things in quickly. I've just done the Chin and always felt like I was really glad to be off. You can get some real mountaineering experience. There are several difficult short climbs and you have to keep your head going down to make sure you stay on the proper part of the ridge. I would call it wright or algonquin with a shorter duration. Do Not Under-estimate!


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        Thank you both for your input. We'll hike Camel's Hump first, then take on Mansfield. We will hike CH from either the Burrows or Monroe Trail, and Mansfield going south on the Long Trail from the 108. Summitting is always optional and I will heed your words of caution.


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          If I'm correct, VT 108 is only plowed as far as the ski centers, so you may have to walk a bit to reach the LT.

          When you reach Taft Lodge on the LT, consider taking the Profanity Trail to the summit.
          This will bypass the Chin, sometimes a dangerous spot.


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            I believe the walk along 108 to be 0.3 miles and the plan is to definitely take the Profanity Trail. Thanks again. We're heading up next weekend and I'll post a report to let you know how we made out.


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              Oh, if you can, walk south on the LT to the Forehead. It's quite view looking back to the summit. Just ignore all the junk on top.