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Mt. Greylock Trail Conditions?

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  • Mt. Greylock Trail Conditions?

    Going to be up near Greylock on Black Friday and plan to hike it. Looking at either the Hopper/AT approach or the Bellows Pipe/AT loop. Anyone know anything about these approaches this time of year, including recent snow amounts. We got a ton of snow in Central NY earlier this week but that was mostly lake effect stuff. Did Mass get similar amounts or anything at all? If so, would trails typically be broken out after a few days? Any info appreciated, including whether spikes or snowshoes would be needed. Thanks

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    i haven't been to greylock in a few months but i can try to help until you hear better info.

    4" on the ground as of last night south of greylock in berkshire county at about 1000'. probably more than that on the way up greylock but not enough to warrant snowshoes. i would normally expect to find bellows pipe, the hopper, and the AT broken by now but there were some strong winds last night and so you might find a bit of drift especially as you get higher.


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      Any info on greylock before this upcoming storm?

      Also any info after the storm would be great. Thank you

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