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Car camping near Baxter (mt khatadin)?

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  • Car camping near Baxter (mt khatadin)?

    Hey guys!

    Thinking of heading up to Maine tomorrow for a couple days. Anyone know any car camping spots near Baxter? (Khatadin)
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    Big Moose Inn/campground is the closest place to the park and I think closes at the end of this week. Tent site is $12, lean-to $15. Showers included and pub if you don't want to cook.

    Edit: If you are thinking FREE, there is no car camping.


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      Joe is technically correct, but I've seen people who show up VERY early at the gate, and sleep till they open...

      The funniest thing I ever saw at the gate was a time when there were a LOT of cars lined up, and we were about 15th in line. We knew we would make it in, so we weren't too worried, but ... Just before the employee came to open the gate, a guy got out of his car, 2 or 3 cars ahead of us, and ran into the woods. You guessed it, the gate opened and tons of cars whizzed by him, (sorry - bad pun!) into the park. I don't know if he got in our not, but his wait was increased quite a bit.
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