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Missing Glasses and Found Stuffsack on Table/Peekamoose

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  • Missing Glasses and Found Stuffsack on Table/Peekamoose

    It's definitely a long shot, but my hiking partner yesterday lost his glasses somewhere on the Peekamoose-Table Trail (Blue) between the junction with the Phoenicia East Branch Trail (Yellow) and the Peekamoose summit. If you happen to find them, shoot me a PM and I can reimburse you for any shipping costs. We also found a blue stuff sack (probably a sleeping bag) that was frozen shut about a mile from the Denning Trailhead. If it's yours, PM me and I can send you the GPS coordinates.

    Snow wasn't too deep near the trailhead, but at ~3,000 feet it got deeper, probably about 8-10 inches near the summit.

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    Welcome to the forum. Your partner might want to also post a notice on the Catskills Trails Conditions Facebook page, and send an email to the Catskills 3500 Club Yahoo group, if not already done. Good luck!
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      Last winter a hiker lost his wedding ring on Peekamoose, in deep snow. He posted here, not really thinking it would be found and planned on getting it replaced. Later in the winter , another hiker found it. What are the odds?