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  • Ice?

    We are planning to hike the Hunter Mt loop from spruceton. Any first hand reports? Is the ice widespread in other ranges? Is this particular hike often icy. We have 2 sets of spikes for 4 people so looking to avoid ice if possible. thanks!

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    If you are looking to avoid ice in the Catskills, wait till June...

    2 pairs of spikes for 4 people will double the hike time (more or less).

    I read that there is indeed ice on Hunter, and crampons were used....

    That being said, Spruceton is the easiest easy up Hunter, but if by Loop, you mean the Devil's Path, you will find it to be very steep in places.
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      I hear you man. I understand that ice is unavoidable to some degree in shoulder season especially and sometimes the winter when there is a lack of snow. I am a 35er and have done about half in winter. We have no problem turning back if conditions arnt right.

      All I am hoping for is some direction for areas that don't tend to have much ice or where the ice can reasonably be worked around. I know for example the blackhead range and parts of the devil's path are notorious for ice.

      If the Hunter loop (spruceton rd to Jon Rob lean, fire tower then loop back around to spruceton via diamond notch falls etc) is a bad idea bc of ice any alternative suggestions.

      I was thinking Balsam Lake my from the north could be good otherwise Overlook mtn from South. Any ideas would be helpful. 2 of4 in our group are not local and can't afford to invest in the equipment for a one off hike.

      Thanks and happy holidays


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        We wound up doing Balsam Lake mountain from the north. There was certainly a little snow and ice but extremely easy to bypass. We had microspikes but never put them on. Conditions were beautiful with bluebird skies warmish temps and calm winds. The winds were whipping up on the fire tower as usual. Everyone had fun and stayed safe.

        Happy trails!