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  • Current Conditions (water?) - Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide

    Hi There,

    I'm taking a small group on an overnight backpacking trip this weekend. Does anyone know if there's running water along this route? I did the same route last year about this time and it was completely dry. Just want to know if we should plan on carrying all our water in.

    Also, any foliage left? I'm afraid we may have waited too long!



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    The spring on Slide was bone dry a few weeks ago; I doubt it has changed. Though it has not been a banner year, leaf-wise, this past weekend was lovely, who knows about next week.


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      Bummer! I was hoping we woudn't have to carry all our water. But oh well. Thanks LeftRightLeft.


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        Originally posted by kasuncion View Post
        Bummer! I was hoping we woudn't have to carry all our water. But oh well. Thanks LeftRightLeft.
        Hi Kara! You might want to also check the Catskill Trail Conditions Facebook Page, to see if anyone there might know. The spring off the trail near the first campsites in the col between Cornell and Slide is usually reliable, but it takes a bit of searching to find it. But I agree, it seems to be a surpringly dry autumn in the Cats, so even "reliable" sources are questionable. Good luck and have fun! Hope you post a trip report about how it goes and the water sources.
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          If the current forecast holds, the Catskills will average a couple of inches of rainfall this week...if.

          Does anyone know how fast that spring responds to rainfall?


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            We just got a good amount of rain today, and more is on the way, so if you can find a recent TR, that would be your best bet...
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              2'' rain today, springs should start running. Not sure how the leaves fared with the wind and rain. Yesterday there was still color from Highmount, east.