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Looking for secluded camping suggestions

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  • Looking for secluded camping suggestions

    I'm planning a weekend trip on the last week of September. We are a party of 3, and are looking for a place away from the fray to just hang out, fish, swim (weather permitting), etc.
    We are willing to lug our stuff up to a mile up or downhill, as long as the site can be reasonably counted on to be uncrowded. I am aware of the Primitive Camping rules, and am willing to camp off trail if the location is worth it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM as well.


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    I can't really help you with any place to fish or swim, but the end of September will be uncrowded everywhere. After summer and before the fall colors, the ADKs are deserted.
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      Thanks for the reply. I should have been more specific...we will be going to the Catskills, not ADK.

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    A few places that come to mind are in the western Catskills, but many are further than a mile in to get there. Spots that are fairly close to roads (within a mile or two) tend to be popular, so it might be tough to fulfill all of your criteria.

    Maybe try the area near Trout Pond in the western Catskills, or Beaver Meadow lean-to near Alder Lake (but that's about 3 miles in).

    One of my favorite secluded spots is near Warner Creek (north of Mt. Tremper), but that's not a short hike.

    There are some nice primitive sites near Big Pond, but they're not very secluded. Still, might be worth trying.

    Good luck!
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      As far as Big Pond goes, are they secluded enough that we would not be hearing our neighbors/ them hearing us, say playing guitar, talking loudly, etc?
      I'm curious about the spot near Warner Creek. How far is it in, what grade, is there a trail, and what is the site like (how wide the stream, and deep the water)? Thanks!

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      pwbryant, The area near Warner Creek is about 5 - 7 miles via the different trails in the area. I've only explored the creek in the area near where the Long Path crosses, and don't believe that the water gets very deep (above the ankles to below the calves in most parts). It's probably about 12 - 20 feet across, IIRC. Very pleasant to stop and refresh, and a great water source for treating drinking water, but probably not for actual swimming.

      As for Big Pond, there are a few sites that are fairly close together, but there might be one or two that are a bit further apart. Not sure if far enough for your purposes. They are not very far from the parking lot, so you might want to check them out and have a contingency plan if they don't work for you.

      Another possible location are the primitive sites along the Fisherman's Path, near the East Branch of the Neversink River. Park at the Phonecia East trail head in Denning, and follow the yellow blazes 1.2 miles until you hit the junction with the blue Peekamoose-Table trail. Turn right onto the blue trail and go another .3 miles until just after you cross a log bridge. There will be a large designated campsite on your right, but don't camp here (though it's very nice!). Instead, look for the start of the unmarked Fisherman's path on your left and follow the path about another 1/2 - 1 mile. There are designated primitive sites along the way, some of which are across the river. This might be your best bet.

      Lastly, there is Alder Lake. It's about 1.1 miles from the parking lot to the furthest site at the northeast side of the lake, but these are first come, first serve, so it might not be available (and I seem to recall that area being a bit more wet than the other sites, but it's been a number of years, so I might be wrong). Sound does carry quite easily over water, so even if you're not close to others, you might still hear them (or they might hear you).

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    There isn't much in the Cats that's secluded. It's a much smaller park than the ADKs and therefore more accessible. Grab the map set from NY/NJ Trail Conference and pick a spot.


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      Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Any and all suggestions are welcome.