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Designated backcountry campsites near North-South Lake?

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  • Designated backcountry campsites near North-South Lake?

    I'm planning a trip into the North-South Lake in the near future and am just curious if anyone knows anything about designated tent sites in the area. In particular, I'm looking for information on the following two sites:

    The DEC map for the area shows a designated tent site above Kaaterskill Falls. The website states that the site is on the Escarpment Trail, although the map appears to show it on the Schutt Road Trail, a bit more than a quarter mile south of the crossing of the outlet from North-South Lake. The site isn't shown at all on the State Lands Interactive Mapper. Has anyone here ever visited this site, and can provide some better information on where exactly it is located?

    Additionally, the old Venture Out map shows a designated tent site at Palenville Overlook. Does this site actually exist? I've never seen it shown on any other maps (and the DEC materials for the area make no mention of it). If the site doesn't exist, is there enough flat ground in the vicinity to camp primitively in accordance with the 150 foot rule?

    Additionally, is the Schutt Road parking area accessible in the Winter?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know about the designated sites but can say Schutt Rd. parking is accessible in winter. I don't think you'd have trouble finding a flat legal spot near Palenville Overlook.


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      The VO maps were very accurate, if it was on the map it is probably there.


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        That tentsite is there and is along the trail from Schutt Rd Trail. to the Hotel Kaaterskill site. It is NOT along the Escarpment. I'll try to scan a map for you. Not a bad site, but I don't recall any water being nearby.

        My scans were too big for the thread, but if you park at Schutt Rd. TH near N/S Lake campground and either walk down the road or take the parallel trail, you will cross Kaaterskill Creek and come to a 4-way jct. Go straight on a old carriage/horse trail. You will come to the tentsite in about 3/8 mile. It's near a jct. with another trail with yellow markers that leads to the Escarpment at Sunset Rock. (DECs current name for it)

        I don't think there is a legal site at Palenville Overlook, although there are places for tents and if I recall, a fireplace and picnic table. I don't recall seeing a "Camp Here" disc. Again, no water


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          I do remember the tent site near Schutt Rd Trail from when I redlined the Catskills. Vaguely recall even a post for tying off the horse You may need to pack in your own water supply though, or melt snow this time of year.