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Lost Clove Parking Question

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  • Lost Clove Parking Question

    I never hiked Balsam from Lost Clove? Any info on what parking is like in the winter. Do I have have to dig a spot out? Also, How's Rider Hollow parking in the winter? I assume plowed? Thanks
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    I don't have any specific memories of any issues in Rider Hollow with regards to parking when I was there in winter, so it should be OK. As usual, avoid parking in snowplow turn arounds or any other place where you may block a truck or other large vehicle.


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    Lost Clove is a DEC lot so expect it to be plowed only if it is a weekday. McKenley Hollow is a very small lot off the side of the road. Again, a DEC lot so only plowed if it is a weekday. Rider Hollow is the end of the road and is the snow plow turnaround for the local municipality. It is a large lot and parking is allowed.


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      Ok, thanks Laurie. May head up Saturday, We'll see.....
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