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Wittenberg / Cornell Only Accessible Starting in April?

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    would the designated site near the curtis monument fit two tents? from the photo it looks a bit small. just curious!


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      If you plan on camping after descending Slide another option would be to hike another 2.75 miles and camp at the intersection of the trail to Giant Ledge/Panther and the trail back to Woodland Valley. There is a designated site on the right a hundred yards or so down the Woodland Valley trail, big enough for 2 tents. Be sure to take the right of way trail just after passing Wininsook Lake. It is the dashed line on the map you posted: That trail will save you several hundred feet of reclimbing to the trail intersection. Wherever you end up camping - you can stow your overnight gear near this intersection and hike Giant Ledge / Panther without it as you'll be coming back to the same spot.


      • NorthShore
        NorthShore commented
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        There is a private driveway just after the lake and just before the right of way. The right of way is not accessible from the private driveway; it is directly on Oliveria Rd.

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      [QUOTE=biles1234;n459919]Good to know there are some options for camping. I think me and my bud will probably camp between Slide & Cornell, but if we're making awesome time, it might be worth to descend Slide to get it out of the way for Day 2.

      Descending Slide via Curtis-Ormsbee is a much nicer way down. IMHO


      • CatskillKev
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        Maybe that was you that descended the Curtis-Ormsbee last Friday.

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      No CatskillKev, not I. I do, however, aspire to be in the company of the lucky few who can hike during the week.