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Wittenberg / Cornell Only Accessible Starting in April?

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    would the designated site near the curtis monument fit two tents? from the photo it looks a bit small. just curious!


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      If you plan on camping after descending Slide another option would be to hike another 2.75 miles and camp at the intersection of the trail to Giant Ledge/Panther and the trail back to Woodland Valley. There is a designated site on the right a hundred yards or so down the Woodland Valley trail, big enough for 2 tents. Be sure to take the right of way trail just after passing Wininsook Lake. It is the dashed line on the map you posted: That trail will save you several hundred feet of reclimbing to the trail intersection. Wherever you end up camping - you can stow your overnight gear near this intersection and hike Giant Ledge / Panther without it as you'll be coming back to the same spot.


      • NorthShore
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        There is a private driveway just after the lake and just before the right of way. The right of way is not accessible from the private driveway; it is directly on Oliveria Rd.

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      [QUOTE=biles1234;n459919]Good to know there are some options for camping. I think me and my bud will probably camp between Slide & Cornell, but if we're making awesome time, it might be worth to descend Slide to get it out of the way for Day 2.

      Descending Slide via Curtis-Ormsbee is a much nicer way down. IMHO


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        Maybe that was you that descended the Curtis-Ormsbee last Friday.

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      No CatskillKev, not I. I do, however, aspire to be in the company of the lucky few who can hike during the week.


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        Originally posted by biles1234 View Post
        Descending Slide via Curtis-Ormsbee is a much nicer way down. IMHO

        Absolutely, and by a long shot. This will add a small amount of (easy) distance to the loop but this trail is a gem.


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          Although Curtis and Ormsbee did lay out the trail, I wonder what it would be called if they did not die on Mount Washington in a snowstorm, heading to an AMC meeting.

          I would like to thank Guyot for insisting that Slide remain Slide. Guyot determined that Slide was the highest, instead of Kaaterskill High Peak, which is 22nd.
          I might be kidding...


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            Just bring a small sawyer filter. It does not weigh much. Better than getting diarrhea while in the wilderness.


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              hey all

              i'll be doing this loop in the next month or so and am curious if anyone knows whether the designated site near the curtis monument might hold two tents. it's not clear from the photo so graciously added by dsettahr.

              i'd be going clockwise from woodland valley, but am looking to do a few more miles on day one than stopping the great sites between cornell and slide would allow.

              i'm happy to dry camp overnight, but i'm trying to figure out my day 2 water sources.

              if i do camp on the curtis trail (or at the larger designated primitive site on the west side of slide on the WCS trail), are the two water sources noted on the nynjtc map near the aforementioned sites reliable?
              how about the one a mile or so after the giant ledge turnoff?
              i imagine that when i cross the neversink just before hitting 47 would be an acceptable source as well.

              thanks all.