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Irene Related reports - Catskills (post here)

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  • FYI, Dry Brook Road is now accessible between Todd mtn Road and Rt 28 in Arkville. There is a bridge just 1/4 mile north of Todd Mtn Road that is now fixed and passable. I drove back to Arkville on Friday and I was told that it reopened like thursday.

    ...and Rider hollow is still a bit of a mess. The bridges over the streams have been fixed or replaced but the trail itself has been washed out in places. The Mine Hollow trail is washed out just past the split between it the Oliverea-Mapledale trail and the OM trail too is in very rough shape with not a lot of obvious trail and not a lot of trail markers to begin with so expect that trail to be washed out a bit too..


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    • Every Catskill HP is doable.

      I hiked a good portion of these through December and if there is a will...there's a way to bag these babies. Sometimes you have to grab a compass and simply bushwhack the long way around.
      Yes, it is a pita to deal with the closures and detours, but with a bit of ingenuity, you'll get to the trailhead.
      Most of my favorite hikes were when trailheads were closed and i grabbed a compass and captured my prize. An ol hiking partner (TAG) introduced mr to bushwhacking and me...its my favorite way to hike.....especially in the winter!


      • I have been a lurker forever, finally registered, love this site. I have a question re the Denning trailhead. I have not been there since post Irene, thinking about going for a 3 day trip along the Fisherman’s Path mid-week next week. What is the condition of the main bridges over the Neversink and herd path conditions. I have used the search engine of this link and have gone through the Irene thread prior to asking this question. Pre Irene, both Neversink bridges were in fine shape. Thanks.


        • The main bridges are fine. After that, the herd path should be pretty obvious.
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