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Hunter and SW Hunter 3-12-2018

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  • Hunter and SW Hunter 3-12-2018

    Most everything has been reported already but I should mention some amazing postholes on the route between SW Hunter and Diamond Notch Falls. They are especially bad on the rail bed and the higher elevations of DP. I don't think I could push my hiking pole in that deep!

    The route to and beyond Hunter is hard and crunchy (15 deg at trailhead this am). It gets a little softer after the lookout at the 4 way junction.

    We tried to straighten out the route to SW Hunter which was off in some spots and circuitous in others. We only had partial success because of snow cover and spruces weighted with snow blocking the trail. Sort of explains why it was off to begin with.

    Most "off track" areas were hard enough that you only went down shin deep (not butt deep like last week).

    No fun on the DP descent. Couldn't slide on the hard and rough track...