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Rusk Mt.

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  • Rusk Mt.

    Blue skies, bright sun and broken trail.....Could it get any better? After a lot of debate in my head and lack of sleep, decided to go south and try for Rusk. Have to admit, I knew there was a group going there, also knew it was stamped out after the storm. Needed a win for a confidence boost. Trail was packed out, snow was soft in the sun which made for some balling up on snow shoes. Ran into hiker Joe and his group, thanks for stamping it down more....big help on my hips. Heard a bunch of hooting and hollering, love to hear adults having fun with butt sliding down a trail!....Also ran into a couple people in that group i hiked with last summer...nice to see everyone again!....Was a great day. Really pepped me up. Ran into couple at 3:30 trying for hunter....being so late...I told him about Rusk and how long it took me....think they opted to try that instead with it being so late. Stopped at Halcott parking area to see if anyone had been there, someone attempted a bare boot...not sure how far they got...I was sinking up to my thighs before the it is not broken out. All that doesn't matter with new storm coming in anyway. Needed this win today, needed to have fun and I did. Safe hiking all!

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    It was nice meeting you on the trail. Yes, most of us butt slid down a really
    steep section just below you. We were yelling, laughing and covered with
    snow. A great day to be out on a “quiet trail”!