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  • Built No Character on Table

    Wore microspikes and carried snowshoes all the way from from Denning thinking I would develop some character, but we had to use them from the lookout on due to collapsing snow in the warm weather. There was a little snow at first, maybe 6-8", but it got deeper as we got higher. The track was only a couple of inches deep, but I was surprised that the poles sunk down 18" on either side. There was a pretty good wind from the Van Wyke direction which had a chilling effect despite 40 deg temperatures. (I hear a rumor that there were colder days recently but I was relaxing in Florida during that time). After the peak we ate lunch at the "Bouten Memorial Shelter" and during the descent we made a field repair to an MSR snowshoe. Even though we didn't need snowshoes after that point, we were glad that the field repair kit worked to replace a missing pin. Those split rings break and make the shoe unuseable but our simple repair kit had the necessary part and tools. Expected balling on both microspikes and snowshoes but were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a factor. The snow was sticky enough but maybe the "Camp Dry" silicon spray we used was effective. Anyway, none of this info will be of use to anyone because we'll get tons of rain followed by a deep freeze which will completely change conditions.

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    those little rings are the weak point of MSR's. I always carry a couple small bolts with non locking nuts, as putting the rings in can sometimes be a problem in cold temp. As for character, you have enough of that, leave well enough alone


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      Yes, I had anticipated the problem of attaching the split rings in the field, so my repair kit was a couple of bolts with nuts that had nylon inserts. I had a small thin wrench from a fishing reel (from back when they included one with a tube of grease in the box) that happened to be the right size and a philips head screwdriver that was shaped like an allen wrench. Altogether a very light little repair kit.


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        I bought 3/32" cotter pins and replaced the gnarliest of the split rings with one. I'll be doing field tests for the rest of the winter and I'll report the results here. I'll of course have my (now replenished) repair kit with me. I think the cotter pins could be also used for field repair, but if the split ring lets go, the pin holding the sides together will be lost in the snow somewhere.


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          I have used cotter pins for a temp. fix. , being softer than the stainless pin, they do not last long and either break or fall out.