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Big Indian and Eagle via Seager

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  • Big Indian and Eagle via Seager

    Went on Friday 12/29. Chilly day. -5 on dashboard of car when we started. Microspikes until lean to. Kahtoola steel crampons for the rest, just for traction in the snow. Could have prob used snowshoes for Big Indian but we decided to leave them in car. It was borderline. Big Indian had lot of areas with drifts and was deeper than other 75% of hike. Must have been windy day before. Eagle was different. Only 6 inches off trail. Any more snow and you'll definitely need them. We cancelled Fir due to time and the fact that we gambled and left snowshoes behind. Fir would have been more unconsolidated. Even with fresh powder/ previous wind you could feel the firmness under snow when on trail as opposed to off trail. Saw no one all day. Someone signed in for canister inspection when we came out. Never saw him
    Catskills: 39/39, 26W/35W
    ADK: 46/46

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    I saw your sign in and wondered if you made it to Fir, conditions do vary from peak to peak in that region. The ridge between BI and Fir collects snow and can be a treat if you are prepared, but its a long way back to Saeger at the end of the day. Keep looking, you may see that guy yet


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      I had a feeling you might respond here. As I also had a feeling that the man signed in for Canister Inspection is indeed Mudhook. Even though we've never met, somewhere along the line I learned what your real name is. I even said to my buddy aloud that I think this name signed in is that Mudhook guy from the forum. Anyway, i wanted to bring snowshoes, my buddy didn't. He won. He admitted on BI that we prob needed them. I said we would definitely need them if we wanted Fir. He wasn't feeling 100% and without shoes we scratched Fir. Maybe we'll cross paths one day. Take care