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Khp - 12/28

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  • Khp - 12/28

    From Platte Cove Rd / Long Path. A chilly day. Wore snowshoes the whole way, but they were a stretch down low with several inches of snow over concealed rocks, roots, snowsnakes and other detractors, followed by good snowshoeing (12" or more) from 3000 feet on up. Could use some more snow down low. Up high, you can get away with bare-booting on the packed tracks, but we are one snowfall short of that being bad form. Be a sport and bring the snowshoes. We broke a new trail and bushwhacked from the height of land on the LP directly up the ridge and then took someone else's short cut / cutting the corner packed track on the way back. Temperature 0 at the PA and -7 on the summit. Very refreshing.