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Wittenberg and Cornell 3/23/17

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  • Wittenberg and Cornell 3/23/17

    Decided to try for these two before weather turned sour. Started a bit late from the Woodland valley parking area, 3 other cars in the lot. 1 fella started from here and went to Slide. Didn't realize how steep this was, always have a hard time with snowshoes, I hate em and love em...big bulky things, but love the heel lift on the uphills!. The trail was pretty well packed, some soft areas if you stepped off, i'm sure it's all changed...softer now. Made pretty good time to Witt...ran into two fellas coming down, they were a bit surprised to see me so late and alone. Advised them i was going to Cornell...they did say the rope helped them to come down...they said it was pretty late, said I had a headlamp and people who were advised of my when and whereabouts. No trouble going up and the rope did help me coming down...but i am pretty lite. Sun started to set on the way back to Witt, made it down off the tough stuff before long.... back to empty parking lot before totally dark...great day. Although my camera on the phone wouldn't work at the summits...only pics going up...too cold i guess. Have a great memory of a fantastic end to the winter...frankly...I'm done wtih the snow....would do this one again, really enjoyed it...tough hike but worth it. Only 1 more to go before I'm complete...Eagle.....not the way I planned to end my quest...but it should be a nice quiet hike non the less. Safe hiking all...beware the melting snow and rising waters..

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    Don't say bad things about Eagle. Eagle is one of the best!

    You went up the Crack with snowshoes? You must have small ones. Flex Alps perhaps?

    I hate snowshoes too. So bulky...
    I might be kidding...


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      No, I had a hard time getting up the rocks on Witt also with Snowshoes...took them off to prevent a injury or fall...put spikes on and off and on and get the disrespect to Eagle...just wanted to finish with a view...I love the quiet of the woods and can't wait to feel the same level of accomplishment when I did the 46 and finished...missing that feeling of finishing, being proud of myself for doing it and having the choice to hike what I want and leave some unfavorites out...that's all.


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        Have to agree that I haven't ever actually chosen Eagle to finish on. :-) Life in the List Lane, surely to make you lose your mind. I was kidding by the way about hating snowshoes.

        The song on the radio now: Foreigner, I would climb any mountain, Feels like the first time. Can't make this stuff up. Seems to fit your feelings for completing the first time.

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      I'm listening to Dream Weaver at