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Trail Conditions on Sugarloaf 2-28-2017

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  • Trail Conditions on Sugarloaf 2-28-2017

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    It looks icy. Do you hike every Wednesday? Which side did you go up from?


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      That guy seems pretty content, considering he's frozen in! Is he still there? I think I've seen him before, when he was heading to a Stamford mountain. Did you climb up on a rock to take that picture?
      I might be kidding...


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        Hi Catdacker, The RVW club mostly hikes on Tuesdays but the day shifts from time to time based on weather and different people's schedules. I checked our website and it seems we've been out hiking rather than keeping it up to date. I'll ask someone to put you on their private e-mail list.

        This hike was the "half-path" (Plateau, Sugarloaf, Twin and Indian Head) although some of us bailed out to Mink Hollow after the second mountain. So the photo was taken on the west side.

        This photo was taken at the actual path some of us took up. there is a chute behind the rock that makes a steep but manageable slope on ice. Was carrying Black Diamond full crampons, but managed with just Hillsounds.

        Hi CatskillKev. That crevice was a handy place to put my foot to keep from sliding all the way back to the Mink Hollow lean-to. With a little effort I was able to extract it.


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          Mr. Magoo....any intel on Balsam Mt? water crossing? Ice....wondering if anyone has been out there.


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            Hi Shellio. Good to hear you're still out and about in the Catskills. I haven't been to Balsam in a while but I did notice this trail report which I believe refers to Tuesday. Hope you don't mind me sharing it here Mike...

            Mike Parrinello "Yes, I did balsam yesterday… The first creek in the beginning was flowing pretty good and I had to cross maybe 20 m up from the red trail to find a log to walk on. a little bit of hard pack snow and ice on the flats before the lean-to then virtually no snow until you hit the junction of the blue trail, then it's pretty much all hard pack again. I brought my spikes but did not use them, however, it was warm yesterday and the snow/ ice was soft..any drop in temperature will change that significantly .. All the drainage areas are very wet and flowing"

            Of course, conditions change every day and all that water should be ice soon...