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  • Cornell

    Snow snow and more snow, great SS conditions. There is ice under the snow in those spots that hold ice. Enjoy it while you can.

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    Thanks for your updates. Saw your photo of the crack on the facebook page - looks like you can walk up on points or ss. I can't believe that cheap rope is still there too...


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      Thanks Mudhook. Now I no where to go next. Gotta hurry, before this lousy warm weather ruins our fun. Must have been windy up there, pretty blustery down here in the lowlands yesterday.


      • mudhook
        mudhook commented
        Editing a comment
        It was a triffle breezy, I was running out of stuff to put on, so it was move faster or freeze. And yes , get out there, between the warm weather coming and the cloven footed micro spiked hordes, the trails and snow conditions will not last long.