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    Some trails from Seager had almost a foot of snow. The wind had blown, so there is drifting and areas where it was blown off. The trail to Big Indian was snowshoed to death today, not a single boot print. Eagle likewise. While we were on Big Indian we observed that someone had snowshoed from Biscuit Brook and gone on to Fir, or vice versa. The trail was light. We passed the trail to Doubletop and there were light snowshoe tracks going up. Two hikers went up to Graham and the up and down tracks made a nice trench. The stream crossing was tough but not one out of our group of 8 got wet in either direction.

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    Did you happen to run into some one on the trail?


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      I got lazy and wrote a "trail conditions" rather than a "trip report". We ran into just about everyone on the trail, didn't we? There was a Rips hike to Eagle that I forgot about, but TM told me he arrived from the Haynes side and left before we got there. Anyway, thanks for catching us at the col and breaking up to Big Indian. I take back the B+ on the bushwhack part (or at least upgraded it to A-). If I had more pineapple chunks I would have gladly given them to you.