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    Hunter and SW Hunter.

    We started out at 8:30 Saturday from the DN trail head.

    The trail was covered with about 4 to 6 inches of new or blown

    snow. The higher we climbed the trees were covered with

    fresh snow. On the side trail to SWH we almost had to

    walk in a stoop most of the way between the limbs hanging

    down and the deep snow.

    At the shelter two people stayed over night and hiked up to

    Hunter before us, they packed down the trail nicely. Half way

    up we passed them coming down. They said it was cold,

    windy and it snowed over night.

    The tower area was cold and windy so we ate lunch on the

    snow covered porch. As I stepped off the two feet of snow

    on the deck my head did not clear the beam which produced

    a nice Bonk! My concerned friends said “that is going to leave

    a mark”. After my eyes cleared we proceeded down.

    The track down looked like a perfect one foot deep trench. At

    the Colonel’s Chair trail four skiers were getting ready for a run down.

    They were going halfway down then bushwhack/Ski back to the

    Hunter lift.

    The trail to Rusk is perfectly broken out. Back at the car

    at 3:30. We looked quickly passing Halcott and it did not look

    broken out.

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    Thanks for the report, Hiker Joe. Four of us will be doing the Hunters tomorrow. We'll skip Rusk this time though. I heard that the track to SW wasn't broken out in the right spot. Maybe we'll try to fix it to avoid branches in face, snow down back...


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      Must have just missed you walking out hiker Joe. I got a very late start....around 3, made it to the summit in a timely manner. What a awesome sight!.....Didn't stay long, pretty much turned right around and hustled down. Would have loved to stay for sunset, but wanted to start down before dark. Besides, SOMEONE created a bunch of post holes from the first junction up. Wanted to avoid twisting an ankle. Ran into a young man staying at the leanto.....he was headed up....we crossed paths at the one mile marker. Wasn't wearing a winter coat, asked him if he was gonna be ok....Didn't seem concerned, I was a bit. I had originally planned on halcott.....someone was there......they appeared to be heading up to sleeping lion...????never crossed the stream above falls...stayed along right side of stream. I however, decided i couldn't break trail...opted to try Hunter instead and found it broken out. Turned out to be a gorgeous day, also ran into a family that was sledding...not sure where though, they seemed to have a good time. The lady was concerned that it was late and I was heading up. Got a two for one on this . Added firetower to my winter list and add ed another mt. to my winter list. Great day....should've started earlier so I could've hung out. Anyway, safe hiking all!


      • mudhook
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        was this sunday?

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      Saturday 3/10


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        Yes , I know that you went Sat. I think I met Shellio46 on sunday


        • Blowdown Gang
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          Jim, what time were you on SW? We were at the can shortly after 12 noon. Would have been great to see you.

        • Shellio46
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          Yeah....that was me heading up late....nice to meet you! Didn't think to ask if you were a forum member.......hope the knee is feeling better.