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    Hello everyone! It's great to be back hiking!! Yesterday Eric and I did North Dome from the parking area befor the one for saint. Anne's peak. What an awesome hike from there. We started at 12:30 pm we were able to bare boot it for most of the hike. We saw some wild life which was great. Some Deer and grouse and an owl. Had to climb over some ledges but they were easy enough. I used my micro spikes on the last couple of ledges around 500ft from the top. The snow was great no need for snow shoes. It was a beautiful sunny day. . Wasn't hard to find the canister as there was multiple tracks leading to it. We took some pictures and headed back. Had some fun butt sliding Eric says if I keep falling he is gonna make me where a helmet like the Dr. recommended. We were almost back to the truck when the owl let us know it was there . It was so awesome love to listen to them. We made it back to the truck be 4:20 pm. Over all great to be back out in the Catskills again. Love reading everyone's reports here and on Facebook. Hope to see you all out there. Have a great week

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    must have missed you by a few minutes at the summit.


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      Sorry we missed you!!! I hope to get out again Saturday. Will definitely bring my snowshoes if we get the snow on Wednesday. Have a great day


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        welcome back to hiking!
        Nothing like being in the woods.


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          Thank you! Have a great day