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1-28-18 KHP and a little bit of Round Top.

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  • 1-28-18 KHP and a little bit of Round Top.

    I haven't been writing about Bea's hikes and list work much but what the heck i'll do so today.
    Karol, Bea, and I headed for KHP from the west. Miscalculated our approach tot eh snowmobile trail a little and ended up just SE of the western terminus so we decided to just go up Round Top. Headed up to around 3200 ft then followed the elevation over tot he east and dropped down into the col. The walk up KHP was very pleasant though i have a few more holes now in my snow pants, and pack, and me.
    Enjoyed the views at Hurricane Ledges.
    The actual trails were covered in ice and touchy where as the woods are free of snow and ice so we decided it was safer and more relaxing to bushwhack back down to the KHP Round Top col then drop down to the snow mobile trail and head out that way to the car.
    Jan 28th, mid 40s outside on the peak, no snow and ice in the woods (of any consequence). It was a beautiful spring day only it's not spring.

    Our hike was also a scavenger hunt. I posted a lost item line as well for the one item we found that is in any condition to return to anyone.
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    Sounds very much like a hike of mine in 2010 except that there was deep snow then. Like you I missed the north part of the snowmobile trail to the SE. Like you I did a frontal assault of Roundtop but in the deep snow and the steep ledges and my snowshoes not getting any traction, I took my only option and circled left (why do we always go left in the Catskills, or is just me) looking for a route that I could get up. Well I never found one and all my circling left landed me on the KHP side of the mountain at 3200 ft, exactly where I picked up the col to KHP. No Hurricane ledge for me, I hightailed it down the north trail before any (more) disasters could befall me. How did this great adventure begin? Well, I wanted to finish my winter 35 on Twin, my favorite mountain, then and now. I was scheduled to go on a club hike to Twin that weekend, but unless I did KHP first, it wouldn't be my finish. So I did whatever any list-monger would do, I got in the car and drove to Gillespie Rd and just started out by myself. Is that the same thinking that got me on the gridiot path? 21 peaks left until my sanity is restored and I can reflect on these deep psychological questions...


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      21 peaks till your next adventure series, or list, or so on. Once your in there's no going back.

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    Instead of turning left, go right! Its an easier route with some views off a little point called pine island. Not as steep, nor thick, hits the col at the same height. I can imagine going up and over RT would be an icy trip right now. The left has an old old hard to find trail which goes right to the summit of KHP, if you look close you can still find cuttings done about 10 years ago as it was "softly" maintained.


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      There is ice on RT but not as much as you would expect right now.
      We did keep coming in and out of the herd path(s) up to the summit of KHP. Some of them had been opened up by mechanical devices.
      We'll look at the right turn approach next RT trip.