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Friday and Balsam Cap 12-16-2017

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  • Friday and Balsam Cap 12-16-2017

    Was prepared for cold which didn't really happen (I mean it wasn't REALLY cold). Got snow instead. Partly sunny meant a steady dose of snow showers with enough accumulation to tell the difference between fresh tracks and day old tracks. Had snowshoes on before reaching the ridge. Going up the chute toward Friday there was a meeting of all the snowflakes in the world. Tough going in the steep parts. On the Rim Trail we corrected some errant tracks, followed some others and made some of our own errant ones along the way to Balsam Cap. Broke the standard track from the Rim Trail to Friday. Others (I won't snitch) had gone other ways to the top. For now there's a pretty good track from the parking lot to both mountains with only a few minor route deviations. I'd guess about a foot of fluffy stuff at altitude, certainly snowshoe conditions...

    Thanks NickUSA for bringing your experience along today!

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    Great group and a great day to be out! Thanks for leading a really fun trip MrMagoo!
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