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Peekamoose, Table and the Karate Kid

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  • Peekamoose, Table and the Karate Kid

    Snowed today (Saturday). Just flurries up from Peekamoose Rd, just a trace when we climbed the slanting rock and still light over to Table. Down from Table it started to get slippery with about an inch to be generous. Then over Peekamoose again it hid most of the ground, leaves, stones. From that point on it was the Karate Kid -spikes on, spikes off. Spikes on, spikes off, etc...

    btw, as we get into the winter season, I'd like to put in a plug for users to post trail conditions here rather than some of the other sites. Without mentioning names, the other trail condition sites have gotten really chatty and sometimes hostile about subjects that aren't even trail conditions. I've always appreciated the posts here by experienced hikers who give meaningful reports. It makes a difference to me to have fresh info on trail conditions mountain by mountain.

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    I hear that!
    And because of all their tears
    Their eyes can't hope to see
    The beauty that surrounds them
    Isn't it a pity
    -George Harrison


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      Tis the season to post the trail conditions.
      "You are never really alone in the mountains. Something is there ,and you will find it in yourself "
      Ralph Ryndak


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        Sunday the 10th, decided since I had 8 inches of snow to shovel at home, there'd be more on Table for sure. Wanted to break out the snowshoes. I wore them up to the leanto, which was already too far, then changed into spikes for the last bit and the return. Much easier going. A few inches of snow, but not enough. Nice day to be out though.


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          I'm guessing we'll be using them tomorrow (12th) on Big Indian and Fir (if we can get to the trailhead!)


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            This has always been the best place for reliable conditions. It has been lonely here for some time, so post away.