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Fir, Big Indian and Eagle

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  • Fir, Big Indian and Eagle

    Today, three of us Rips hiked from Burnham Hollow to Fir, across the bridge to Big Indian, on the trail to Eagle and then bushwhacked back to Burnham Hollow. Nice weather for comfortable hiking except when you stopped, the damp cold penetrated pretty quickly. Ice crystals on the Hobble Bush, Firs, spider filaments and everything else. Some snow, never took out out spikes. The sun never came out as promised but the woods were lovely, dark and deep. First time down the shoulder from Eagle. Worked out well. Better than hoofing it to McKenley Hollow...

    Catdaker, we saw you signed in on the 12th. I'm pretty sure we saw your boot tracks between Fir and the bridge.


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    I was there. I went up to Fir and I must have just missed a group doing Fir/Big Indian because there were many tracks near the can. I did not go over to Big Indian but just followed my own tracks back down. I will do both peaks in December


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      I'm tentatively planning Fir and Big Indian again on Tuesday 12/12. It should show up on the Rips schedule, shall we hike together?