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Report on 5 Day SAR Near Graham Mt.

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  • Report on 5 Day SAR Near Graham Mt.

    Interesting and long article in the Catskill Mountain News. It doesn't have a lot of geographical references but gives a good idea of what logistics are involved in a major SAR.
    This community and those that surround it spent four days on high alert last week as first responders either from or stationed in seven counties conducted a search for a lost hiker.

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    A happy ending. It's tough to find a moving target. What happened to his boots?


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      That article was a bit oddly structured, no?

      Interesting note about the firefighter who "hiked 800 plus miles" in 17 days in the ADKs. That's 47 miles per day. If that's correct and not a typo, that's not hiking, it's running.
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        The article was indeed "oddly structured" I know there are mixed feelings locally about how the search was handled and its outcome.
        ​As for the 800 mile/17 day hiker/ fireman/searcher, I am impressed. That's a good year for me.
        ​It was a tough, frustrating search with no real clues. A big area. Lots of speculation. I would imagine he simply walked out of his shoes in some mud hole and lost his pack in the dark.
        ​Regardless of how he was found, it was a happy ending.
        ​My mother was happy to see my picture in the paper but not in the police blotter section for a change.