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KHP/ Poet's Ledge from Malden Ave

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  • KHP/ Poet's Ledge from Malden Ave

    Out and back. Almost 14. Never did this route before which was nice to be on new trail. Was a tough one but we're also getting stronger. 3rd weekend in a row in Catskills. Final training for ADK next weekend. We performed well.

    Walk down decommissioned End of Malden Ave. Obey No trespassing signs. My buddy had done it once so he knew exactly where to go. Without him, would have been a little tough to find start of real trail which is up a driveway and behind Fernwood restaurant. An eatery in the middle of nowhere.

    Two tough climbs- the beginning of the hike up old steep logging roads, I presume. And the end of the hike up Kaaterskill High Peak. Both are good lung thumpers. Long flattish ridge walk between the two. Poets Ledge you descend a bit to. Great view. Then 3 waterfalls where you are crossing over the top of them, not at the base. Cool nonetheless. I thought the middle one, I think Wildcat, had an awesome view even better than Poets Ledge. Steep drop offs. Some slick rock. Algae. Don't be stupid. Don't make a mistake on any of the three if you choose to venture near the edge.

    Cool and breezy day. Not as cool as last weekend. Herd path to KHP. Hung at Hurricane Ledge. Reverse course to car. Very muddy hike for Catskills. Should have wore gaiters that were laying in the car.

    Jumped in stream to wash sweat. Becoming a summer Catskills habit for us. Nicer car ride home with change of clothes. This ones got to be a toughie in the winter with real conditions. I will definitely do it again. If you do it, make sure you're in good hiking shape. ADK here we come....
    Catskills: 39/39, 26W/35W
    ADK: 46/46

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    I do not recall ever seeing tracks leading down to Malden Ave. in the Winter. Most people do KHP from the top of Platte Clove.
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      Well, maybe we'll have to try it one snowy day. It would be an accomplishment, that's for sure.

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    We've climbed KHP this way a few times with a car-spot at Platte Clove to avoid having to backtrack. One of my favorite hikes.


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      Cool. I'll have to try it that way one time.