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    Needed to get out of the house with all this rain and noticed there was a chance of showers late in the day for the falls. Decided to pack up and head out in the pouring rain from Binghamton to take a short hike rain or not. Decision was a good one, no rain in the area when I got there, sun was peeking through a bit from the gray clouds. About 7 cars in the parking area. I imagine this place see's hundreds of people on a good day in summer, I lucked out with only about a dozen or two coming and going. Made the walk down 23A to the trailhead. I wonder how many accidents happen on the curve at the trail head, since the falls are right off the road? I witnessed a few cars slowing to take a gander and almost getting rear ended because the cars behind were also taking a look at the falls! Yikes!!! Anyway....this hike was more challenging than I thought, first time ever climbing the falls. Trail was wet and muddy with some flowing water in spots, became worse after it rained a bit. The falls are flowing well, followed the yellow trail all the way up to the platform taking pics all along the way. Found some time for myself and enjoyed the roar of the water. Some adults with small children went behind the falls, not sure if I agreed with that, one slip and there we have another senseless accident. Signs all over warning against going off trail. Anyway, was a nice day, not to wet from rain, not to cold and most of all not too crowed. I highly recommend a trip before school is out...would like to explore more of the trails around that area. Safe hiking all

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    I did this hike on Wednesday coming down from the new trail from the top. It is much nicer than the trail from the hairpin turn.
    There is also a large parking area and you don't have to worry about getting run over. The falls were roaring while we were there.


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      Where is the parking lot for the new trail from the top? Not sure my map has it.

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    It is so new that it dies not appear on the map yet. Even the map we got at the Catskill info center did not show the new trail.


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      I believe the answer is Laurel House Road, which is before Scutt Road, which is before the toll booths at North Lake.
      I might be kidding...


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        Yes, Laurel House Rd.; there is a roadsign for Laurel House, plus a DEC sign for K-Falls. At the end of Laurel House Rd. there is a new, enlarged parking lot to handle all the traffic. A trail follows one of the old rail beds and will take you to a viewing platform where you can safely see the entirety of the large drop. Another trail can take you to the top of the falls. Still another trail can take you across the brook on a new bridge and then you descend the stone steps to the bottom. These "safety improvements" were put in after several people have been injured or KILLED by going off trail. Depending on where you are, the rock here can be either slippery or made of loose shale. It's a beautiful spot if you can behave yourself.


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          Here is a recent picture I took at the new Kaaterskill Falls viewing platform.
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