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Vly and Bearpen from the south

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  • Vly and Bearpen from the south

    Just fyi: at the end of the paved road from Fleishmann's (County Rt. 3), the property owner has put up a no parking sign (not a municipal sign) on a tree on the right side of the road where hikers sometimes park. And the snowplow turnaround has two HUGE, red no-parking-in-the-turnaround signs. I parked there anyway, assuming that no snowplows would be out on a 60 degree sunny day in May. Does anyone know what is the legal standing of such signs when there is no snow?

    I did not encounter the property owner or anyone else. Had a nice solo hike up these two peaks. Herd path up Vly was fine (I always forget that it gets a bit steep up high!), and the road and snowmobile/herd path to Bearpen were also fine, with only a little mud. (That may well change with this weekend's rain.)

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    is parking from the north a thing on 3?
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    I've parked on the right for years. Not off in the grass, but far enough over to be out of the way. I try to avoid snow plow turnarounds, all year round, you never know what might need to use it....
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