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Birthday Hike - Hunter and Southwest Hunter

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  • Birthday Hike - Hunter and Southwest Hunter

    For this year's birthday hike I climbed Hunter and Southwest Hunter (a.k.a. Leavitt Peak). Accompanying me were two friends, Jim and Rue. We picked those peaks because I needed Hunter for my project of redoing the NE111 in my 60s, and Jim needed SW Hunter for the Catskill 35 list. This was Rue's first visit to the Catskills ever.

    We took two cars to the Catskills, so were able to do a car spot. We started hiking up Becker Hollow Trail, which I had never been on before. It had rained quite a bit on the drive in, and even though it wasn't raining when we started the brooks were all quite high. For one crossing Rue took of her shoes and forded it.

    We met three hikers on Becker Hollow Trail, including this forum's Hear the Footsteps. These were the only other people we'd meet on the trails all day. Becker Hollow Trail gets very steep near the end, but that doesn't last long. We took the yellow spur trail to the tower when we got to it.

    There was an overcast, but it was above the mountains, so we had great views from the tower. After hanging around there a while we hiked over to the Devil's Path. The trail between the tower and the Devil's Path, and for that matter most of the Devil's Path, was very wet. It was mostly a series of ponds and streams.

    The only other time I'd been to SW Hunter was in the winter, and I had to contend with multiple paths. It was much easier to find the summit this time. The start of the herd path from the Devil's Path was fairly obvious, and the path was very easy to follow (and dry). The turn from that path to the summit was marked with a cairn, at a drainage. We then went up an obvious path which took us straight to the canister.

    On the way back, going down the Devil's Path to Stony Clove, it started raining. That part of the Devil's Path is very nice, even though parts of it were filled with water.

    Thanks to Jim and Rue for helping me celebrate my birthday doing what I love best.

    Hunter was number 51 (out of 115) in my quest to rehike the Northeast 111 in my 60s.

    Here are the pictures.



    NE111 in my 50s: 115/115 (67/67, 46/46, 2/2)
    NE111 in my 60s: 51/115 (39/67, 11/46, 1/2)
    NEFF: 50/50; Cat35: 39/39; WNH4K: 40/48; NEHH 84/100
    LT NB 2009

    "I don't much care where [I get to] --" said Alice, "-- so long as I get somewhere," ...
    "Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."
    - Lewis Carroll

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    I'll be doing those two on Sunday - thanks for the report...


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      Hi Cumulus,

      Nice passing you and your friends on the trail to Hunter. It was my first ascent from Becker Hollow. The trail has long straight sections with steady grade that seemed to increase a bit at every major turn. I didn't appreciate the steepness at the top until I was descending.

      Later I returned by 23A and stopped at Kaaterskill Falls. Water was very high...the type of day to stay far away from the creek edge. I also saw, for the first time, a descent sized seasonal waterfall down the gorge across the creek before I reached the Kaaterskill Falls.



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        Hey Don,

        There are some great seasonal waterfalls on the way to Peekamoose PA from 28. We're supposed to get a couple of inches of rain this weekend.


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          Originally posted by MountainSister3 View Post
          Hey Don,

          There are some great seasonal waterfalls on the way to Peekamoose PA from 28. We're supposed to get a couple of inches of rain this weekend.
          Hi MS3
          I know of these. Among my favorites. Last week I did a lot of hiking including Slide (from 47). It flurried at the summit. After descending I drove around via 55 through Grahamsville. I stopped there at, an evidently, popular place for lunch. I bought a tuna sandwich. Then returned to Albany via 42 and hit all the waterfalls I know of. I didn't wade to cross the creek, but I have had done that before. Yeah your right the waterfalls will really be huge on Mothers day.