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Rocky and Lone 4-22-2017

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  • Rocky and Lone 4-22-2017

    Hiked Rocky first, couldn't cross the Neversink so we did the high side-hill around the cliff. Didn't find as much snow as expected but there were a few patches here and there (never needed to put our traction on) . We had a wet hike - there was rain mid-morning. Also the temperature dropped through the day so it was colder and wetter than expected. We had a surprisingly good view from Lone. There was kind of a mixed light picture of High Point and Mombaccus which looked a little artistic with a foreboding sky. Everything pretty normal except the high water in the Neversink. Donovan's brook was hard enough to cross, but nobody got wet...

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    Forgot to mention that we saw a weasel. We had a really long look at it as it was loping along on the other side of the Neversink in the opposite direction. Surprised how big it was. One of the hikers positively identified it as a weasel or at least expressed so with 99% confidence. There is also a new beaver dam on one of the side streams of the river. Maybe you know where I'm talking about, there's a place where you can be fooled into crossing a small feeder stream and you end up on an island and have to backtrack (not that I've ever done that).


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      Also, at the end of that hike it was 321/420. I won't annoy everyone by posting a countdown, but this one time I thought getting below 100 left to go was a milestone...


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        Congrats on T minus 100. Real gridders would simply leap across the Neversink in one bound. Its a great way to get wet.


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          Thanks. I remember a single digit day when a couple of my sons and a couple of their friends and I were out to hike Slide when the creek was running real fast and had icing on all the rocks. Each of them tried a different strategy for crossing. One leaped to a tree leaning across from the other side and then just hung there not able to go forward or back. Another tried rock hopping, etc., etc. We ended up 30 minutes later in Arkville drinking coffee and drying boots by the heater. After a warm-up and dry-out we opted to hike Cathedral Glen instead which was a beautiful trail with wonderful Hemlocks...