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Fox Hollow (Panther Attempt) 3-19

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  • Fox Hollow (Panther Attempt) 3-19

    Attempted Panther from Fox Hollow Rd twice this weekend. On Saturday, I took snowshoes. The trail to the lean to was well packed as a group camping at the lean to had hauled sleds. After the lean to, I was breaking trail in snowshoes. I made it about .4 miles from the junction (200m ascent, 45 min) before I decided my legs couldn't handle it.

    Came back today with skis. Moving about twice as fast, I continued to break the trail until 950m elevation. At that point I encountered a rock band that I could not ski. Snow was more than waist deep (I'm 6' flat), and it was a pretty miserable process kicking through the next vertical 50m until I could find a place to put my skis back on. From their I continued to the false summit where I had barely made my time mark. I decided at that point to turn around feeling very satisfied and oddly alone.

    Back down was rough. I've never skied backcountry in the Catskills. It sucks and was very painful. I met a nice dude free-heeling at the place I turned around on my snowshoes the day before. Snow is getting very fast, and I wouldn't recommend downhill unless you're very skilled.

    Absolutely beautiful hike. Not even disappointed about not getting to Panther. Trail is broken to the false summit (with skis anyway - dunno how that works for the snowshoers). 5.5 mi, 2220 vertical feet, 5 hrs.

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    That's a fine adventure, it sounds! And protected from the sun, but did you know that most of the winter trips to Panther are from the south, from Giant Ledge parking area?
    I might be kidding...


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      Protected from the sun? Not in the slightest. I'm pretty burnt. Almost no shade at all.

      Yes I've done Panther a few times from the south. Wanted to give Fox Hollow a shot. It was really incredible. Also wanted some untouched snow. Totally could've gone the whole way but wasn't feeling it. I got back to the car with 4 hours of daylight left.


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        Cool! Untouched snow is the best. Starting that low down, with the tendency for the low elevation snow to be less firm, was ambitious!

        I didn't mean shade, but I meant the fact that if the land tips towards the sun, it melts the snow much faster.
        I might be kidding...