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Doubletop and Graham 3/18/17

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  • Doubletop and Graham 3/18/17

    From Seager, I followed a fairly wide snowshoe track for modern standards. It was probably made with 9x30's. I used huge snowshoes, so still didn't fit most of the time. I noticed that the last tracks were coming back, and there were a couple vehicles in the parking area, so that was a bit confusing. When I got to the bridge, the tracks stopped, which I was glad for.

    An hour and a half climb got me to the top of Doubletop, so, since it takes a while to drive to the area, I thought I'd better do more than just turn around and head back. So next was Graham. Three different times I ended up losing my balance on the descent, and having to brush myself off. That was weird. :-)

    But I did learn a new method of descent on the last steep section down to the col. These snowshoes are so good, that they have an upturn on the tail. So I just glissaded backwards while pushing my 2 ski poles into the snow between my legs for braking. That worked really well!

    On to Graham. It started to snow here, and it continued. Sometimes I work my way around to the right. This time I just went up. Some pitches were extremely challenging and I had to kick steps with 42 inch long snowshoes. There was a slight crust that would almost hold the crampon bite, but not quite when it was steep.

    I reached the building and, from reading tracks, people had come from Balsam Lake Mountain. They ended up going down to Seager to the car or cars that I saw earlier. I guess they went down the power line, since they turned off early and I saw their track on the power line down low. I took the ridge down to the parking area, so therefore went further towards Balsam Lake Mountain before turning right and heading down.

    Great snow condition for huge snowshoes! Sun is over-rated. Almost 5 and 1/2 hours.
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    I might be kidding...

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    I tried Panther today. Very jealous of your huge snowshoes. I made it a total of 1.1 miles before I was completely exhausted in 9x30s. Also forgot snow baskets for the poles...

    Going back with skis tomorrow


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      Was that from Giant Ledge parking area? Or Fox Hollow?

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      Fox Hollow