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Peekamoose, Table, Van Wyck 3/16/17

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  • Peekamoose, Table, Van Wyck 3/16/17

    Heading up route 28, I decided to turn left in Boiceville, so that pretty much decided my day, or at least partly.

    So I started hiking from the Peekamoose trailhead about 11 am. There was 16 inches of snow, which is still a lot, as far as potential for difficult travel is concerned. It was 19 degrees, so that was a good cool number, since the ridge faces south and it was sunny. I arrived at Reconnoiter Rock in a couple of hours and Peekamoose less than an hour after that. Conditions got firmer as I got higher and it was quite windy on the exposed ridge. Huge snowshoes were used. After arriving at Table, I made the decision that I was thinking about on the way up. And that was to go to Van Wyck.

    Van Wyck is a bushwhack, so that made the day more interesting. Coming down Van Wyck, the snow was soft due to it sharply facing south. Down near the end of the hike, the snow was crusty, due to thawing and freezing. It was 27 degrees when I finished.

    I got back to my car 7 hours after starting. The parking area is totally plowed out, and the snow melted in it, during the day. The trail is still basically unbroken. No map, no compass, no nothing.
    I might be kidding...

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    Thanks Kevin,we are going to hike just Peekamoose and Table today 3-19.Hopefully my 30" mountain 30 tubbs will be enough.But we will give it our best shot. Thanks for breaking !
    "You are never really alone in the mountains. Something is there ,and you will find it in yourself "
    Ralph Ryndak


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      Its been a couple of days for other hikers, but condition-wise, the snow will be crusty from Friday. But then, as you know it will have the new snow. And then warm temperatures today could be a problem for this south-facing trail. Have a good hike Ralph!
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      I might be kidding...