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Windham High Peak 3/15/17

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  • Windham High Peak 3/15/17

    I was actually a little worried that the conditions might be too easy, considering how crusty the blizzard made the snow in the Hudson Valley. But after finding a good parking area at Peck Road, one step informed me that my concerns were unfounded. Using huge snowshoes, they weren't big enough up to the ridge/junction/lean-to area. That took 45 minutes. Then, after reaching the exposed ridge, the snowshoes worked about like they're supposed to. They did still feel a little spongy though, feeling a crust that wasn't quite strong enough.

    There was a good 2 feet of snow the whole way. While predictions were for larger amounts up high, why would there be a difference up high, since it was a cold storm anyway? It took 2 and 1/2 hours up and half that on the way down.
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    I might be kidding...

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    How was the parking area?


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      Not thoroughly cleaned out, but not too bad. A ski track came up to the junction from 23, while I was up top. This could be an indication that the 23 parking area is now cleaned out (which it wasn't earlier), but someone could have taken a chance of parking on the side road though. Palenville parking area for South Mountain is not plowed.
      I might be kidding...


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        Think my Subaru will have any issues? It doesn't have a whole lot of clearance

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        I would imagine you'll be fine.

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      I did a little walk a bout yesterday during the storm, the 9x30's were about 1/2 the floatation needed. The wind should be fixing that at the rate its still blowing. Did you bike up to Peck?

      Sounds like a good day, I bet you could almost fly down the mountain.


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        I'm glad you ended up pulling those 9x30's out of the Esopus.

        Its a nice comfortable condition for exit, yes. It was a good day! I'm not sure if the wind alone will fix the snow, or will it take a thaw and freeze, which then brings other issues.

        For that first 3/4 mile, I would have loved 12x60 green mountain bearpaw, not that there is such a thing.
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        I might be kidding...