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Blackhead Mt. 3/6/17

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  • Blackhead Mt. 3/6/17

    Nice day to finish off my required winter peaks for my Catskill 35 pursuit. Started out chilly, but quickly warmed up. Trail up still was frozen in areas, no gear was needed, as ice could be avoided. Crossed over both bridges and took the Red trail route wanting to avoid any unnecessary water crossings as things were melting and the brook was running pretty good. Next water crossing was no problem, pretty frozen and could walk over the rocks, that would change by the afternoon. Next crossing afforded no issue either as that was solid frozen, but i'm sure that will be different over the next couple of days. Not until just before the switch backs began was any type of foot gear needed, micro spikes worked well. There is a tough spot on the last switch back...very icy, negotiable, but some sort of grip should be worn, don't think that ice is going anywhere for a bit. Climb up was bare of any ice or the top was hard packed snow and ice on the trails, wore the spikes just so I didn't slip around. Saw 3 others on the trail that day. Nice and quiet. Almost feels like cheating getting the winter required's like this, but hey...all is fair between 12-21 and 3-21 right? LOL....can't wait to be done...Only Cornell, Witt and Eagle left....Hoping to get at least one in the High peaks before the season ends....will try on the 18th for something, not sure yet. Until then hiking hiking all!