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Canada Completes World’s Longest Hiking Trail

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  • Canada Completes World’s Longest Hiking Trail

    This would keep someone busy for awhile.
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    Found this bit interesting:
    "only around 4,900 miles of the route, or 32 percent, composed of off-road trails"

    They mentioned one segment on the shoulder of a highway...
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      As a fictional point of reference, it took Forrest Gump 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours to run 19,024 miles on pavement (keeping in mind that when he got tired, he slept, and when he had to go, he went). Canada's 14,000-mile Great Trail is 5,340 miles of roads, 3,770 miles of "water trails" (streams, rivers, and lakes?), and 1,110 miles are shared with ATVs. This leaves 3,780 miles of presumably hike/bike dedicated trails. This would take a long time to complete.
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        Article has no map, bummer.
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