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  • New A/T Record

    Pretty fast.
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.

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    I'm sure he enjoyed finishing it.
    46er #9404


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      That's pretty amazing.
      I wonder what was he thinking about during all the hike.
      ​Wasn't he desperate after another long and rough day?
      And what was motivating him every day?


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        Follow-up with the record holder...

        And just curious... did he admit in his Instagram post that the effort truly was not self supported? Or does self supported allow wiggle room for accepting outside help that unsupported does not?

        "It really took a village. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to my lovely girlfriend, Katie, my parents and the Katzmans who came to the start/finish, friends and family who I have HEAVILY leaned on, hikers, trail angels and the trail community who have given me everything from sloppy Joe's to an extra set of batteries to allow me to run through the night..."


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          The folks at Whiteblaze will most likely analyze it to death and come up with their own ruling based on the price of saffron vs. ginseng, but here's their current definition.
          "You can accept trail magic, just don't plan it.
          No one should be carrying any of your stuff."

          OK guys, What is the definition of an unsupported hike. Food drops mail to yourself OK, but what about when they are mailed to you by other people..... Hitch-hiking....yes / no Shuttles into town...?? I understand my hike will be under the microscope so lets get this stuff out in the open....
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          My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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            I suspect that this latest claim may also be declined.
            It seems too fantastic to me.