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Apparent Solo Hiker found dead at Breakneck Ridge

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  • Apparent Solo Hiker found dead at Breakneck Ridge

    Not a lot of detail yet, but this hike is very dangerous, and way too many people attempt it w/o proper gear, from the one time I was there.
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    A damn shame. Condolences to his friends and family. I've never been up there but it seems to be aptly named.

    Is this the second personal to fall to their death on that route in the past week, or is this site just running the story late?

    This was from last week:
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      My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

      I've done this "hike" a number of times, solo, once with our high school's outing club, and with my then six year old daughter. If one follows the route, it's a mild class 2 rock scramble, occasional class 3. Stray too far from the trail it offers full on class 5 rock climbing. Nearly all of the spectacular view points overlook sheer cliff faces. These exposed view points are occasionally covered in loose gravel, sand and slowly slope down and away. Leading the unwary hiker away from the safety of the trail. Climbing down is as tricky as climbing up, but with the added visual distraction of the vast views in front of you. There is even now an annual marathon trail race that ascends the ridge trail before heading eastward along the ridge. No special gear is necessary other than secure footwear.

      Be safe.