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Sunday Fall Foilage Trip Up Adams

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  • Sunday Fall Foilage Trip Up Adams

    We have been trying to get up Adams since we helped with the Bridge removal at Lake Jimmy with AdkJack and Crew a few years ago. We were in the area for the 46-r dinner on Saturday and decided to stay over and take a walk. What a beautiful hike. Thank you to everyone who did all the hard work to restore this beauty for future generations. I sure wish we had been a part of it. As we were climbing, the only thing I could think of was how difficult it had to be to carry all that stuff up there.

    We virtually had the trail to ourselves on this beautiful, fall Sunday. We met 2 groups of people, one as we were going up and another couple of guys as we were checking out the cabin at the end of the hike. That's it. So nice to have the woods to ourselves after our last few weekend hikes. We were able to spend almost an hour in the tower looking at all the mountains. The map is so nice labeling all the mountains you are seeing.

    As far as the hike, for those that have never climbed. As someone said to me, you know you've climbed a mountain when you are finished. It's not hard, but it is steep and once you start the climb, it doesn't end until the top. The trail was dry, with only a bit of mud here and there. No view from the summit, you have to climb the tower. And if you get up there and don't climb the tower, even a little bit, you are missing out on one of the best views there is.

    Mr. Moo was on a mission (of which I was not aware) to see how fast we could climb it. We are pretty pokey hikers, but it only took us an hour and a half to get to the top. Not bad for us. We spent an hour on top and we were back to the car in just four hours from beginning.

    It was a great day. Thanks again to those who spent time and effort bringing this back.
    I wonder why it is so rarely climbed?

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    Hey Moo,
    Glad you finally made the hike and an hour and a half is too fast, next time I will give you some heavy stuff to carry to the top😆
    The actual numbers on Adams as far as visitors go have increased exponentially over the last 5 years especially in winter last year, still one of those peaks that when you mention it the common response is "where is that" . Had I known you were heading up I would have asked you to do a little paint touch up.....hmmm maybe that's why no one tells me when they are going 😉
    "Climbing is about freedom. There's no prize money; there are no gold medals. The mountains are all about going there to do what you want to do. That's why I'll never tell anyone else how to climb. All I can say is, This is how I prefer to do it."
    Ed Viesturs


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      I would have done the touch up, Jack. Next time we go, we will let you know for sure. Thanks for all your hard work - the tower is amazing!

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    Nice place. My son & I went up the week before. Never seen Lake Jimmy so low.