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  • Osprey Kamber

    Anyone with experience with this pack? I have an Osprey Manta that I love, but it doesn't have integrated straps on the pack and I've been looking at the Kamber as something a bit more suited to winter hiking. It's more a skiing/snowboarding pack, but it definitely looks like it could be used for hiking as well.

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    I've never used that specific Osprey pack but I've used ski/snowboarding packs frequently in the past. I understand that the newer ones are a lot lighter than the ones we used back in yesteryear (although they're still heavier), but they still lack any real organizational ability. They tend to just be a big stiff sack, with maybe small internal pocket for keys and a bar or two. You'll spend more time rifling through it to find things then you will with a traditional hiking pack, but that's the only real downside if it would bother you.

    If you ski or snowboard, I'm sure this is an awesome pack. Osprey know what they're doing. If you don't its probably overkill.
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    • gebby
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      It has a neat feature that you unzip the pack from the internal frame off the straps, so that you open the pack to its contents, without having to take off strapped on snowshoes, ice axe, etc.. I'm going to take a look at it at Mountain Man in Saratoga.

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    I like the panel designs for winter so stuff can be quickly and easily accessed. In winter I use an Osprey Atmos 50, now about 7-8 years old. I probably fill it less than half of capacity and that makes access easy. It is also easy to attach snowshoes (when there is less than 8" of snow in the terrain, of course).

    The other great feature of the older Osprey designs is the mesh back panel, which gives excellent ventilation. The more recent corrugated plastic panels are not as breathable.


    • mastergrasshopper
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      mesh back panel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thule has some new models reminiscent of old osprey packs, just got one for my wife.

    • FlyFishingandBeer
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      Great pack and perfect size. I picked up the Atmos 50 the year that they switched to the AG system (4 years ago?) and have loved every minute of using it. I wouldn't want that AG harness on a pack any smaller than 48-50L though.