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Crampons for Oboz Bridger 8" BDry Insulated Winter Boots

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  • Crampons for Oboz Bridger 8" BDry Insulated Winter Boots

    So I bought these boots - Oboz Bridger 8" BDry Insulated Winter Boots.

    I hiked Sawteeth and cascade and porter with microspikes and was happy.

    I was prepared to turn around if things got too icy.

    But now it looks like all the trails are getting icy and soon the ice may be covered with snow.

    So I would like to buy crampons. It would seem that these boots are flexible so I will need the right pair of crampons for these boots.

    Would anyone have some suggestions?

    I just want to climb in the adirondacks.
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    I just want to say that the boots are really comfortable and warm. One of the hikes the temp was minus 4 and my feet were warm.
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      Following, as I have the same boots w/the same question. My Tubbs Flex snowshoes (w/ the BOA binding) have a habit of falling below the lip of the boot and coming off. Any advice there would be appreciated as well.


      • CatskillKev
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        I have over 20 pairs of Tubbs, but I don't think I could bring myself to put on a Flex. That is probably the best way to not have one fall off. That said, I have had that problem with other Tubbs bindings. I personally have not given much effort to fixing the problem, though, since it was fairly rare, although you do try to avoid that type of binding (not saying your binding is really especially bad).

        Its too bad your Bridger's don't have a pull-on loop, since you could probably just run a string from it to a hole in the binding strap. Of course still a big pain, and could be awkward with gaiters or whatever.

        If you could sew a belt loop into your gaiters, that might work, if you wear gaiters. This loop could be fancy, or it could just be a piece of fishing line put through your gaiter in 2 places and tied in a loop.
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      Bunchberry I have started using a pair of Hillsound TC PRO for winter non-technical climbing and hiking in ADKs. These with a pair of LaSportiva Trango TRK GTX boots which have a shank stiffness probably comparable to the Oboz...they're not "super stiff". (I have used them as well though with a pair of Lowa Mtn Expert GTX and all good). Highly recommend these as an option to "standard" crampons. They have a great/easy to use binding AND they have a pair of moderate front pointing spikes (not as aggressive or long as a standard crampon such as the Petzl Irvis model I have) but VERY useful when you hit those small/low- mod. angled frozen waterfalls etc.on various ADK winter trails. They also have fixed anti-balling plates. Note that Kahtoola makes something similar but they have neither the front spikes nor the fixed plates - bad design. TC PRO a great choice for the "middle ground/intermediate traction" between microspikes and standard crampons ...and only add about 4 oz +/- each over typical micros. Sizing for my 11 boot just workable even though spec said up to 12 for "reg" something to keep in mind.


      • Bunchberry
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        I emailed the company and they said the hillsounds would work with my boots.

      • brandtb
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        Good luck with it. My size issue was that with bar in full extension, the two rearmost spikes (heel) were not roughly flush with outer edge of boot heel as is typical (and preferred) with my Petzl crampons..instead were inset 3/16 or so. Not really a deal breaker but probably could have used the larger model...they still work superbly.

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      Grivel all day, everyday. G10's, G12's will do all you ever need. A bit of weight but when it's a matter or safety i'll deal with a few extra ounces. BD, Petzl do have some nice products but I'm personally with Grivel for life. They also make all their models with an extra wide option for wider snowboard boots/ insulated boots.
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      • Yury
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        G10 with "Classic binding" should work on these boots.
        Depending on a size of your boots ,you may need an additional extra long connecting plank.

      • salt
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        Ahhhhhh live a little and get the 12's. Two extra front points are pretttttty nice. Anyways, totally kidding around. With all the advice/ comments I'm sure you'll make an informed decision. Stay safe out there.

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      Highly recommend Black Diamond Contact 10 steel crampons, strap style. They work with a wide variety of boots, have excellent bite, are fairly light and very durable.
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      • moosebeware
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        Steel crampons are great. They are more durable and reliable on hard cold ice than aluminum ones. The caveat is that steel crampons are heavier. I have a pair of steel Camp crampons with leather straps and a pair of aluminum gravel 10s. I own microspikes and nothing in between. My thinking is that when you need crampons, you need crampons. I'm not a "what can I get away with" sort of hiker.

      • debmonster
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        Totally agree. My feeling is that they are worth every ounce!

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      I would be a bit careful about using full mountaineering crampons on those boots. Most 12 point crampons with front points, even strap-on models, are designed for crampon-compatible boots with very little flex in the sole. (I don't really know about the G10-G12) I would try the Hillsound trail crampon pros; to me they really look like mid-way between spikes and full mountaineering crampons. Honestly if you need more traction than that, I think you're getting into fairly technical conditions.