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  • ColdAvenger Classic Fleece Mask

    Tested out a new piece of gear on Saturday - the ColdAvenger Classic Fleece Mask.

    Their claim is that it "protects the airways against the damaging effects of cold air" when worn. It was -1* when I started my hike to the fire tower on Azure Mountain and I wore the mask for the entire climb. I would say it delivered on its promise but there were a few downsides to the product. First off, your breath condenses on the inside of the ventilator then leaks out the air holes in the mask thus covering the front of your jacket with spittle. Secondly, the remaining condensation eventually freezes and needs to be cleared from the ventilator. Third, I could feel my breath venting upward out of the top of the mask and into my eyes. I wasn't wearing any glasses or goggles but I fear that when I do that they will fog.

    The biggest pro is that you can breathe way more freely with this mask than you can with other face masks or balaclavas I have tried. I didn't feel suffocated by the ColdAvenger like I have with other products. Plus the air did feel a bit warmer and more humidified than the cold, dry air of the morning. And it's designed to wear with goggles so that you can perfect your Darth Vader look on windy exposed summits. They claim that this design prevents the fogging that I fear but I haven't tested that out yet.

    I'll continue to use it in temps under 5* or so. I really didn't need it the rest of the day (I visited two other fire towers after Azure) which warmed up to about 15* but it was useful at the subzero temps I started at.

    Product details and short video here...

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    Luke, I am your hiking partner.....Vader breath. lol
    Nothing like being in the woods.


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      Thanks for the link. I saved it. Hopefully, one day I will get into Winter hiking.
      Nothing like being in the woods.