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    I've been lately wearing a 100% cotton top under a similar medium to light weight Comfortrel high tech shirt, and then wearing a goretex equivalent shell when needed. Yesterday (10 degrees?) I was in the thick evergreens some, not too bad though. Sometimes I would bump a branch or whatever and snow would land on the unprotected shirts. I would just "snap" the snow off and carry on. I stayed dry all day (8 hours) through intense trail breaking. Better than someone soaking in their clothes all day. Cotton does work as a base layer (If it was warmer, with wetter snow, maybe not so much). Others' results may vary.
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      Please read my posts more carefully. At no point have I suggested that pure cotton pants, like denim, are a good option for winter hiking. I am suggesting that the cotton poly blend is more effective than pure synthetics for helping to control overheating and moisture buildup. My theory applies only to pants, not upper layers such as shirts or jackets. My premise is that the cotton more effectively than synthetics wicks moisture into the poly matrix providing a system that helps spread the moisture over a larger surface area promoting more effective drying so when you stop exerting yourself you are dryer than you would have been with synthetics and will be totally dry sooner. I agree, cotton does not need poly to wick, it works in combination to spread the moisture out over a larger exterior surface area thereby promoting faster and more uniform drying. I'll be camping and bushwhacking for a week up in the lost pond area in a couple of weeks. If I run into Pete, Id be happy to have a cotton/poly discussion with him. Maybe he'll remember me from when I met him at the Opalescent brook lean to back in the days when they were searching for Garrow. He gave me a gentle lecture about washing camp gear in the brook. I was not the culprit, I'm not sure he was convinced.


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        I don't think you were talking to me about reading your posts more carefully. Do you suppose that poly pants over cotton pants would be similar to the blend in how they dry? Do you think that these cotton ideas work in the warmer, wetter days of winter?

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        buddy You're fine. Dissecting and bastardizing topics just happens to be one of the many fun perks of shared information on the forum.

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      I have not ever worn cotton long underwear under polyester pants so I don't really know. All of what I'm saying is pure speculation on my part. How ever after noticing, about five years ago, how well the poly/cotton blend pants work for me at work as a builder in western ma, outside year round in all kinds of conditions, I decided to try them on my next annual winter camping bushwhacking party we held up in the West Mill Brook area. I had back up pants, what kind of fool would wear cotton on an extended winter camping, peak bagging trip after all. Wore the blend the whole trip and every trip since. They are a bit ugly but, hey, we are in the woods.