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Womens winter hiking pant....any suggestions?

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  • Womens winter hiking pant....any suggestions?

    Looking for a water proof winter hiking pant that i could possibly wear just a thin or medium base layer under. Pant I use now is wind proof and only water resistant....any suggestions? Thanks.

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    If you truly need waterproof, I'd go with a rain pant that has full (or nearly full) side zippers that you can open from the top for ventilation. I have an older pair from Outdoor Research, but not sure if they still make them. But I almost never use them anymore for winter hiking, because, even with the zippers ventilated, they don't regulate body temperature as well as a good softshell pant, such as my Mountain Hardwear Super Chockstone pant, which uses excellent Schoeller material that is breathable, durable, comfortable and highly water resistant. But of course, it depends on what you need personally. It took me a while to find my preferred winter pants, I hope that you find yours!
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      Thanks for the much gear out there!!


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        I have softshell pants and a shell winter pant with a light fleece lining with vents on the inner thighs. In seven winter seasons, I've never needed a fully waterproof pant and as deb monster says, a fully waterproof pant will not breathe. The bigger danger is sweating in the winter and then freezing. I get all my pants from EMS.
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          I've also got a pair of EMS softshell pants and they are great! Very comfortable and have held up well for the past 3 seasons.

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        Visit They are an English company, but they make excellent hiking clothing. I have a pair of winter pants that is really reliable in the coldest weather. They have waterproof pants that block wind and keep you warm.
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