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  • Dr Scholls "orthotics"

    Anyone tried these drugstore orthotics? I used their fancy machine and it told me I put lots of pressure on the heels and ball of my foot, and recommended their beefiest. Is it worth $55 ?
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    Isn't that standing though? Are you experiencing pain while hiking? For that kind of money, they might as well be custom.
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      Custom = $400.

      Yes pain while hiking - blisters, plantar fasciitis, broken bones.
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        These can sometimes be mechanics issues that originate further up the leg or hips. That being said, bad boots or boots with little support can exacerbate these problems and make them chronic. This November, I did too many miles in boots I love, but offer no arch support and my right foot developed plantar faciitis that then caused achilles problems. This pain occurred only when I wore the boots. However, some decent rest from hiking, lots of stretching, and arch supports bought in store for less than $10 solved my problem.

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      I've been dealing with flat feet and plantar fasciitis for about ten years. Besides hiking I've spent over 35 years on my feet all day on concrete at work. I tried a million store bought, especially soft, spongy, gel type inserts that all made it worse. These may work for some people but not me. I finally saw the Dr and had the custom orthotics made and all foot, heel, achilles pain went away. The trick for me is hard molded arch and especially HEEL cup that keeps the heel from moving, rolling, side to side. That was the key. I'm on my third set now and still use the older ones for less strenuous activities. I am lucky my insurance is very good so I replaced them as they got a little beat up. I probably didn't need to but the more recent pair is holding up better as I'm not removing, switching boots or shoes, or using the same ones constantly. I definitely wouldn't be hiking if I didn't get these.
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