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Cold weather jacket?

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  • Cold weather jacket?

    What jacket would you recommend for a cold weather like today?

    I am OK with my MEC pants with Dr. Schoeller nanosphere fabric.
    I wear them for any weather with temperature below freezing.

    At the same time I tried different jackets with varied outcomes:
    - a couple of wind jackets (with and without water repellent treatment)
    these are my favorite options so far when there is no wind and a temperature is at least somewhat below freezing)
    their drawback is that they are not waterproof when snow is falling from the trees etc.
    - a couple of softshell jackets (with and without fleece lining)
    I never liked them; they were neither waterproof nor breathable; I can still use them in case of rain or flurries.
    - a couple of hard shell jackets (old fashioned heavy Goretex jacket and Marmot Precip)
    they are my favorites options in case of a strong wind.
    their drawback is that they are not breathable enough and ice forms on the inner side of a jacket.

    These were relatively old models.
    And what about you?
    Have you recently found a jacket that you really liked?
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