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Frozen solid zipper.

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  • Frozen solid zipper.

    I recently bought this jacket for $90.00 on eBay.
    Nice and light no frills jacket with a good hood. No pit zips.
    On my last hike it was about 10F when I finished and to my surprise I was unable to unzip the jacket more than a few inches due to it being frozen. I pulled on the zipper with all my strength but it would not descend more than those few inches. Luckily I was able to pull it off over my head.

    Has anyone else had this happen with a jacket?
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    Yup! My newer North Face Mountain Guide Jacket, which they no longer make. *shakes fist angrily at TNF* I'll argue all day that their newer Mountain Guide jackets were the best GTX shells ever made, but the one I bought a few years ago had this problem for the first couple dozen or so times I wore it. When I called TNF about it I was told that this is a common problem with newer jackets with exposed zippers due to them being so high precision to keep the mechanism waterproof. This sounded like a bunch of crap to me but I gave the gent the benefit of the doubt and allowed time for this "break-in" period and whadyaknow? He was right; it works fine now. I've never had this issue with any other GTX shell, so I don't know how common it is.
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      Yup, zipper issues with MHW, TNF and Rab among other. Never had an issue with Arcteryx, something they've perfected..


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        Never had a zipper freeze, but have had leg side zips on hardshell pants seize up from road salt. Presumably it happened at the end of one hike but not realized until in the middle of the next hike. Totally encrusted and unworkable until soaking in hot water.


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          body glide = zipper glide ( its all plant based )
          A lot of the new "waterproof" zippers are very tight when new. The OR rain jackets from 5-10 years ago were particularly bad.